10 Best Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rate

Date: December 30, 2015

It’s no secret email marketing is a great strategy to bring solid leads to your business – but even the best email copy goes unread when its subject line fails to drive readers in. Boost your email open rate with these 10 slam-dunk email subject line formats:

1. Email Subject Lines with Numbers

Why It Works: Our brains are wired to digest digits – they’re just easier to process. It’s the reason ‘Top 10’ lists are so popular. They drive curiosity while giving the reader a sense of commitment level. For example, busy people are more likely to click a list of 10 versus 150 because they know it won’t take as long to read.

2. Email Subject Lines with Benefits

Why It Works: A marketing rule of thumb is to always focus on product benefits over features. Think about it this way, are you more likely to click on an email that promises you money back into your pocket or an email that touts the engineering of a product?  

3. The Mysterious Email Subject Line

Why It Works: Intrigue is a great email marketing technique. Your email subscribers are likely inundated with emails from businesses with the same goal as you: to get consumers to purchase a product. How will your email stand out from the rest? Create a mysterious email subject line that gets readers to ask questions – questions that can only be answered by clicking the email to learn more.

4. Personalized Email Subject Lines

Why It Works: Personalization works – even if it’s just an “insert name here” email subject line. Why? People love to read about themselves. By including a person’s name, you’ve made your message about the reader, versus the product at hand… and that’s what sells.

5. The Targeted Email Subject Line

Why It Works: Beyond a person’s surname, remarketing is an effective way to personalize email subject lines based on a person’s interests and location. Example: if a person has been to your website to look at a deal and left without purchasing, a retargeted email that highlights the product will liken the chances he or she will return to the site to purchase. If you need help doing this, we can help.

6. The Testimonial Email Subject Lines

Why It Works: Social proof and credibility matter to shoppers. Matching the right testimonial with the right product can be huge for brand view. Testimonials should live on your websites, social media sites and in the body of your emails – but they function as great subject lines too.

7. The ‘Ask a Question’ Email Subject Line

Why It Works: By asking customers a question, you are taking out the ambiguity of your message. You are literally telling customers what to ask themselves when they see your email. Who wouldn’t want 50% of their next purchase? When you make an irresistible offer to customers, opening the email is a no-brainer.

8. The ‘Time is Running Out’ Email

Why It Works: Email subject lines that create a sense of urgency tend to have higher engagement. By using this technique, you’re telling your customers to act now, or risk missing out on the deal completely.

9. ‘How To’ Email Subject Line

Why It Works: The how-to subject line promises to reveal “how-to” achieve the benefit. It’d hard to write a bad how-to email subject line. Just tack on a universal benefit to the words “how to.”

10. The ‘Announcement’ or ‘News-Worthy’ Subject Line

Why It Works: Announcement email subject lines work when your email offers new information, information customers can’t get elsewhere. Think: what news-worthy content can you break to customers before anyone else? Test it as your next email.

Are your email subject lines working to your best advantage? See these tips in action when you schedule an email marketing audit with us. Contact us today to get connected. 

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