3 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing

Date: February 15, 2016

Video is a medium unlike any other. Video allows your business to tell a compelling story while communicating your brand message and providing customers with a better understanding of how your company can help them. Though many small businesses may shy away from video content because they do not have the budget to run local TV ads, online video advertising can be an effective and affordable alternative to connect with a target market.

Below we share three reasons video advertising can enhance your online marketing efforts:

1. Most consumers enjoy watching online video.

One of the top reasons to create video content is that consumers tend to respond positively to it. As of 2015, video content made up 57 percent of consumer internet traffic. This is about 4x more than web browsing and email traffic. Additionally, this number is expected to increase to about 78 percent by 2018. Small businesses who do not begin to incorporate video content into their marketing mix may be left in the dust.

2. Videos can increase customer comprehension.

The best way to convince a consumer to make a purchase is to help them understand how your product or service solves his or her biggest problems. Video content can assist you in conveying this while also engaging your audience through auditory visuals. In fact, one study shows that consumers experienced a 74 percent increase in understanding after watching a company’s video ad.

3. Video content plays well with other digital marketing strategies.

Though the ultimate goals of digital video advertising are to drive traffic back to a website and to convert visitors into customers, video content can also be integrated into other marketing efforts. Incorporating video into email marketing campaigns has been shown to double or triple the click-through rate. Video makes this content more dynamic and interactive, thus peaking the curiosity of viewers to learn more.

Jumpstart Your Online Video Strategy Today

No matter the target market you are trying to reach, online video is a great way to educate and empower your potential customers and turn them into buyers. If you are ready to develop the kind of video content that converts, contact News-Leader Media Group in Springfield, Missouri today to get started.

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