3 Reasons Why You Need a Video Advertising Strategy

Date: August 24, 2015

Across industries, more and more companies have discovered the benefits of using online video to attract, engage, and convert their online visitors. Video content will not only bring more visitors to your page by boosting your search engine results page (SERP) rankings, but it can also help improve conversions. If you are not getting the results you would like from your online marketing efforts, it may be time to develop a video advertising strategy.

Here we will cover just three of the reasons why you should develop an online video content plan to help boost your online marketing results.

1. Online video content can improve your SEO and increase your search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

Search engines like Google focus on providing users with the most helpful and relevant search results. According to a recent study, 62% of Google search engine results include online video, and 80% of these results come from YouTube, which is owned by Google. By making video a part of your overall content marketing strategy, you can improve your chances of showing up on the first page of relevant searches.

2. Video advertising helps you improve brand perception and build customer relationships.

Online video is a great way to connect with your target market through storytelling. With videos, you can begin to influence perceptions and build brand relationships. In fact, one study reports that native online video ads can generate an 82% brand lift among those viewers who are exposed to the ads.

3. Compelling online videos also help influence customer purchasing decisions. According to comScore, 64% of online consumers are more likely to purchase a product after they have watched an online video about it. This makes sense, as videos can inform your audience and help empower them to make the right purchase decision.

Video Advertising in Springfield, MO

Online video is an important part of your digital marketing mix. The team of marketing professionals at News-Leader Media Group in Springfield, MO can help you improve your online marketing efforts by creating a video strategy and helping you develop successful video content. Contact us now to get started.

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