4 Tips for Online Marketing Business Success In 2015

Date: April 02, 2015

Staying up-to-date on the latest online marketing consumer trends, changes and advancements can help you reach your target audience more effectively and keep you ahead of your competition. This is particularly critical when you consider just how fast technology, platforms, consumer behaviors and algorithms evolve. Here are four helpful strategies and trends that your business should watch in 2015.

1. Remain Focused on Customer Engagement
One of the key marketing tips a business can apply to their content strategy is to keep their focus on customer engagement, which includes providing compelling and beneficial content to consumers consistently over several platforms. The method for delivering appealing content depends solely on how well you know your target audience. The content needs to be relevant and on point with your brand, and in almost all cases should not be a hard sell.

2. Optimize and Enhance Your Mobile Presence
Considering 80% or more of consumers use mobile devices to browse websites, businesses must optimize their online presence for tablet and mobile to stay competitive. A responsive website will automatically and correctly reconfigure and resize the content based on the device and screen size. But don't stop there. Make sure to optimize digital display ads, emails and any other content you are sending out to users.

3. Balance Content Marketing with SEO
While the use of appropriately researched metadata and keywords in your content is essential, make sure that it is written for people, not just for search engines. These days, you'll find that search engine algorithm updates value quality content over  keyword density, which can come off as awkward when too many keywords are crammed onto a page. Not only is using quality content more effective with search engines, it's more appealing to the users (those people above) searching for you. 

4. Draw From User-Generated Content
Giving customers an opportunity to interact with your brand’s story gives your business a chance to harness their contributions. Customers are not as interested in the one-way communication that has traditionally come from brands talking at them. It's essential to include them in the conversation or what we call 'user-generated content'. User-generated content takes various forms, including social media mentions, blog posts, reviews, forum discussions and shared photos or videos. Because the content is coming from the consumer, businesses have to understand that it can be both positive and negative. However, both are extremely helpful when you are monitoring and responding to your customers’ commentary by leveraging your brand supporters and genuinely and empathetically addressing your critics.

Creating a Unified Strategy for Your Business
Your business might already be integrating a few of these tips in your marketing strategy, while some of the others might not be the right fit at this time. Whatever stage your business is in, News-Leader Media Group can take your online marketing strategy to the next level and help you increase your ROI. We’re here in the Springfield area--reach out to us anytime!

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