Bringing Together Targeted Display Advertising & Search Engine Marketing

Date: January 20, 2016

Search engine marketing has gained a lot of favor with small to medium sized businesses because it allows brands to make a major marketing impact regardless of their budget. Until recently, these smaller businesses did not have the option to add display advertising to their marketing mix because it was often expensive and too difficult to access. But things have changed in the display ad world, and now this strategy is open to businesses of all sizes.

Display Advertising vs. Search Engine Marketing

Many small businesses feel that search engine marketing (SEM) is a better use of their limited resources. While there is some truth to this, SEM alone does not produce the same results as when it is combined with a solid display strategy. In fact, Yahoo! reports that 63% of online users surveyed reported taking immediate action based on an online advertisement, but nearly half of the customers who reacted to the online advertising eventually conducted a related search. This shows that even if a consumer does not click on the ad, they are still impacted by it.

Display Ad Myths Could be Costing You

The myth that display advertising does not perform could be costing your business. The truth is that targeted display ads allow you to put your brand in front of new viewers that are more likely to be interested in your product. Some of these targeting features allow you to reach audiences based on their location (geographic targeting), online interests (behavioral targeting), or the content of the websites they visit (content targeting).

Start Using Targeted Display Advertising and Search Engine Marketing

Now is the time to incorporate targeted display advertising into your marketing mix. News-Leader Media Group in Springfield, Missouri is ready to help your business reach more leads through display advertising on and the Yahoo! display network as well as others. If you are ready to start seeing real results from your display advertising, contact us now for a free consultation.

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