Does Your Company Need Email Marketing Services?

Date: August 13, 2015

The number of active email users continues to grow each year. An estimate from eMarketer predicts that there will be 236.8 million U.S. email users by 2017. As the popularity of email continues to grow, it is important for companies to revisit their email campaigns and find ways to take advantage of this growing audience. Email marketing services are a great way to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Why Effective Email Marketing is Critical

Studies have shown that email marketing is effective in influencing purchasing decisions. In fact, recent research by Marketing Sherpa indicates that 69% of U.S. adults report making a purchase that was influenced by a marketing email. This creates an exciting opportunity for companies to expand their reach through email campaigns.

The most successful email marketing campaigns incorporate email marketing best practices in order to generate more leads and keep users engaged. This includes mobile optimization. Research by BlueHornet indicates that 71.2% of email users will delete a message immediately if it does not open correctly. Not only should messages by mobile-friendly, but content and offers need to be relevant and useful or users will be tempted to delete.

How Email Marketing Services Can Help

Email marketing services help companies improve the success of their email campaigns and generate better results. These services usually incorporate all aspects of an email campaign: strategy, workflow development, content creation, design, scheduling and analytics. An agency that provides these services can also help you build email campaigns to support other marketing assets, such as blogs or ebooks.

Email services can also help ensure that you are following email marketing best practices when it comes to effective messaging, using targeted lists, and avoiding activities that might be considered spam. These services are helpful for companies that want to create and implement successful email campaigns while remaining focused on their core business.

Find Email Marketing Services Near You

Email marketing services can help you improve your email reach and return on investment significantly. The marketing team at News-Leader Media Group in Springfield, MO helps companies like yours grow their business by developing and implementing an effective an email marketing strategy. Call us today to jumpstart your email marketing.

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