Top-Performing High Impact Ad Units

Date: March 22, 2016

In today’s changing digital landscape, marketers are faced with the opportunity (and challenge) to come up with new and exciting ways to engage online audiences. As traditional display advertising becomes more commonplace, exclusive, high impact ad units, which utilize impactful design and cutting-edge technology to create rich viewing experiences, are becoming more popular.

Read on to learn four popular high impact ad formats—interactive takeover, pre-roll, pushdown, and gravity—and how they can yield a huge return on your online advertising dollars.

1.Interactive Takeover Ads

Interactive takeover ads are generally video ads that display front-and-center on a publisher’s homepage. Site visitors may watch the interactive takeover and click through to your website. Click here to see an interactive takeover ad in action.

2. Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll ads are similar to movie theater previews. These video ads appear before a viewer can see their chosen video content. Pre-roll ads can’t be skipped over, so advertisers can be confident their ads are being viewed by their target audiences.

Pushdown Ads

Pushdown ads—like the name suggests—literally push down the web page content to make room for the ad. Pushdown ads can be opened and closed at will.  Click here to see a push down ad example.

4.Gravity Ads

Gravity ads are high-quality video ads that immolate the IMAX experience. They take up the entire screen and are also responsive, meaning they’ll adjust to fit any screen size. Click here to see one.

How Do I Access High Impact Ads?

Advertising with high impact ad units is proven to increase response rates and maximize ROI. However, you won’t find these ad types just anywhere. If you’re ready to get started, contact the pros at News Leader Media Group in Springfield, Missouri.

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