What the Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes Mean For Your Small Business

Date: January 08, 2016

Recently, Facebook made some changes that affect how content shows up on a user’s news feed. Now, users have the ability to determine exactly which friends and brands they want to see updates from first. This, along with a change to Facebook’s ad system, can have a significant impact on small businesses. If your brand wants to remain visible on Facebook, it is vital that you provide engaging content and develop an effective pay-to-play strategy.

Facebook Changes their News Feed Options

One of the most impactful Facebook changes is the option for users to choose what content they want to see first on their news feeds. If businesses want to remain visible on Facebook, they need to produce content that viewers want to see. Businesses on Facebook must also encourage their followers to add the brand to the “see first” section of each follower’s personal Facebook page. This approach makes an effective pay-to-play strategy more important than ever, as paid advertising can help you continue to boost Facebook visibility.

Changing the Definition of a Click

Previously, we discussed ways to use Facebook ads to connect with your customers. These ads are an important part of your social media strategy because they allow you to reach customers who have not been exposed to your brand. Big news: Facebook has changed their definition of a paid ad click, allowing brands to get more bang for their buck!

Facebook’s previous cost-per-click pricing counted all the clicks on a Facebook ad, not just those that drove traffic back to a company’s website. Now, advertisers have the choice to pay for social media engagement or web traffic. Thanks to this change to the Facebook ad system, businesses can benefit from increased exposure without additional cost. Why? Because companies will no longer have to pay for likes and shares on each ad—only for clicks that drive customer action.

Stay Up-to-Date with Platform Changes

Want to make sure you remain in your customers’ news feeds? The talented team at News-Leader Media Group in Springfield, Missouri, can help your business navigate the ever-changing landscape of social media. We are ready to develop effective content and pay-to-play strategies that help you engage with your audience on Facebook. Contact us to get started today!

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