Here at the News-Leader Media Group, we know that bringing customers to your website for the first time is only a small part of the battle to earn their business. Only about 2% of online shoppers remain loyal to an online store when they visit it for the first time. That means you can lose a significant portion of your first-time shoppers if you do not find some way to reclaim the interest of the other 98% of website visitors and convince them to return to your website.

Retargeting advertising allows you to covertly track visitors to your website with the help of cookies. These cookies allow you to follow some of the patterns of your website visitors and target advertisements to them based on interests they have already shown in your products. Remarketing is a very effective way to get first-time visitors to come back to your website and make a purchase.

How Do Retarget Marketing Services Work?

Our retargeted marketing services give helpful data for both click-through and view-through conversions. Click-through conversions involve any conversions that occur as someone clicks directly on a retargeted advertisement that was served to them. View-through conversions are intended to assist click-through conversions and are typically attributed to another channel. We offer data for both types of conversions so that you can determine which retargeted advertisements are working the best for your business.

When utilized in conjunction with other types of digital marketing (including PPC, SEO, video marketing, and others), remarketed services can successfully recapture the attention of your target audience and direct them back to your website for a second visit. Once you successfully bring customers back to your website for a second look, you are much more likely to secure their future business and gain their loyalty.

Our Marketing Expertise

Here at the News-Leader Media Group, we have more than a century of experience designing custom marketing content that is intended to give our Springfield customers the greatest Return on Investment (ROI). Today’s consumers have very hectic lifestyles, and our digital marketing services are designed to capture the attention of the busiest consumers. Our comprehensive digital marketing services include:

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SATURDAY JUNE 17th 2017 at the family video on Scenic and Mt. Vernon. Come out and help the Kilties go to St Augustin Florida. They have been invited to play at the Celtics festival there. So come out get your car washed and hear the kilties play. Hope to see you all there. Thank you in advance.Photo posted on: 14th Jun, 2017View photo →
Starting Jan 15th 2017 Smitty's Mid-West Boxing Gym located at 1135 E. Commercial St. will offer free boxing classes for Parkinson's patients and the elderly that wish to partake in such classes to stay in better shape. It has been proven that boxng training classes help patient's with Parkinson's and MS so we want to be apart of helping out all we can. These classes will start at 9 am promptly and end at 10 am. Anyone that feels the need to come train with us and learn something that can only help you health wise please feel free to join us at Smitty's. For further information please contact Coach Smitty at (417) 268-0941.Status updated on: 11th Jan, 2017

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